Bejeweled for Pocket PC

Bejeweled for Pocket PC 2.52

Bejeweled is a game in which we need to join jewels of the same colour.
2.52 (See all)
Astraware Limited

Bejeweled is a classic jewel breaking game in which we need to explode jewels by joining 3 or more of the same colour. This can be done by shifting a jewel with any of the others that surround it. Bejeweled also have 2 game modes: Normal Mode and Timed mode. In Normal mode we have to explode jewels until we fill up an indicator in the top of the screen. There´s no time in this mode, but if there's no possible moves we'll lose, so take your time to think your moves! In Action mode we have to fill up the top bar by exploding jewels, but as time goes by this bar decreases, so you'd better be fast!
Graphics are not bad, and there are some effects that make the game appearance better, such as the sparks that sometimes appear on the jewels.
Sound effects and music are easily set up through sliders to control the volume of the music and sound effects separately. Also there are two boxes to mute sound effects or music. Something I don't like is that sometimes the device exits the game when the today button is pressed, which is really awful.

Jorge Tierno Alvite
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  • Two game modes
  • Good configuration options


  • Sometimes the device exits the game when today button is pressed
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